Viewing and Booking - Accommodating 9GayMen on 9GayMen at Longboys Lodge

Viewing and Booking

Initially: we would like details about yourself and an up-to-date photo for identification purposes.  If you want a viewing or are booking for a future stay - then details including a photo are required.

If you are near to the Lodge: you can view it by sending a message.  Please click the 'Send Details' button on the main menu page, and enter your info.  We will arrange, by in-site message, or text, for you to view the accommodations.

If you are far from the Lodge: and would like to book a room or bed in advance to be sure of its availability on a certain start date please click the 'Send Details' button on the main menu page, and enter your details and a message telling us which of the options in the Day/Week Prices table you would like (example FSB or GDB1).  We will message you the contract and depositing details, and confirm if your selected option is available.  To get our message click the 'Inbox' button on the main menu.  Please print and fill out the agreement and place the security deposit or the reservation deposit.  Scan the document (or photograph it with your camera / phone) and message it back to us.  We will message or text to confirm the reservation.

Two: If there are two of you then each of you must click 'Send Details' and each enter your details separately.

Deposits: The security deposit is £190 or €210.  Reservation deposit only £50 or €54 to reserve the bed or room if agreed with us beforehand.  Deposits are per person, and will be returned so long as you show up for the rental and do not damage the property.  The reservation deposit forms part of the security deposit, hence if you have already paid the reservation deposit then you only need to pay the remainder of the security deposit when you arrive.

Cancellation: In the unlikely circumstance that you make a reservation but then cancel it before moving in the fee is £50 or €54.  It is in fact losing the 'reservation' part of your deposit.  If you cancel more than 7 days before move in date the deposit will be returned in full.

Availability: You can see availability of the various options in the left column of the Price tables.  (Tap or click the 'Day/Week Prices' button on the main menu.)  Even if the bed or room is currently unavailable, it may become available in the near future, so it is worth enquiring.  Please bookmark this website on your browser for future easy access.

Viewing and Booking: So to view or book you will first need to tap or click the 'Send Details' button on the main menu and enter your wishes and details including a photo or two.

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