Contact Us - Accommodating 9GayMen on 9GayMen at Longboys Lodge

Messaging Us

The best way to get information to us, whether it be to upload your details or to just send a quick message or question, is to tap or click the 'Send Details' or 'Send Message' button on the main menu.  Make up a Username, example 'David7284', and use that again to get our responses.  The username should be at least 6 characters with no spaces.  To get our messages click the 'Inbox' button on the main menu and enter your Username.

We prefer you to use a username, not emailing, as it is far more secure, more sure to get thru, and far more private.

If you do not require a reply but just want to make a comment there is a button labelled "Comment Without Reply" on the main menu page.  (Click the button above to get to the main menu.)

Thank you for reading, we hope this explains how to get in contact with us at this friendly lodge, and if you have any questions please just ask them in your message.

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